Your Orgasm's Best Friend

"As a devotee of the Divine Design, I love to share what works. I will support your capacity to enjoy and harness the power of your sexual energy. I create a space for what's possible with the energy of sex, the life force and being at peace with that power. I love to inspire you to open and surrender to your divinely gifted orgasmic nature and infinite capacity for the pleasure of being alive."

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for singles and couples • enhancing your sexual well-being

Intimate Union

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with mukee okan

Your personal retreat is carefully crafted for YOU to support your sexual well-being. For a couple, small group of couples or for singles with Mukee Okan.

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about My session with MUkee

I recently went through a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I knew that even after being married 20 years, and being thrust back into the single life, I still had some things to learn in sex and intimate relationships. Not sure where to turn I researched surrogates on the web and decided the most experienced, knowledgeable, informative and willing to help person out there was Mukee. I worked with her for 2 days and it was the best experience regarding relationships, sex, intimacy, and the opposite sex. I learned more in 2 days than I would have in years of researching. Mukee was terrific and the sessions were life changing. I think every male, and every couple should take her sessions. I even joked it should be a requirement for every young man to learn from Mukee. I gained self-confidence and knowledge and can go on with my new life with a new found sense of excitement and confidence and I am sure I will apply the lessons learned in my retreat to future relationships … Sincerely. 1 extremely satisfied male from Illinois   


Awakening the Healing Power of Sex and intimacy

The role of every woman is to birth the God

in every man.

Women: What will you need to transform within yourself to birth the Gods, the men in your circle of life experience? Humanity is desperate for balanced Feminine beauty and power.

Men: It is time for the God in you to be fully expressed. What are you waiting for? The planet is hungry for fully embodied sexually mature men. This is your opportunity.

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A sensual journey of Awakening, Discovery, Transformation and Evolution.

INTIMATE UNION PRIVATE RETREATS are exclusive, sacred, spiritual-sexual one-on-one experiences for singles or for couples. Each retreat is carefully crafted for YOU to support your sexual well-being. All programs are individually designed to empower your relationships. Through the power of relaxation and total receptivity — to your Path, your purpose, your unique contribution to humanity — your sex energy can unfold into new ways of being. A guided practical, relaxed and simple approach.