* balance giving and receiving pleasure

* relax and feel more by increasing your body awareness

* extend your lovemaking so that energy flows freely

* create greater intensity in arousal and orgasmic response

* enhance awareness of the most subtle realms

* discover the power of full body orgasm

* addressing your specific outcome

during your retreat

what can you expect?

Mukee designs each aspect of your retreat to support your personal outcome. Simple, practical experiences enhancing your sexual well-being.

Mukee also offers —
* private coaching for singles and couples by phone or skype with assignments between sessions.

* a coaching program for women to enhance your sexual wellbeing. Online live sessions with assignments to complete in between sessions.

* a coaching program for men to enhance your sexual well-being. Online live sessions with assignments to complete in between sessions.

* LASTING LONGER intensive:
"My specialty is simple enjoyable practices for transforming premature ejaculation."

Singles and Couples committed to —
* cultivating intimate bonding
* enhancing sexual passion
* expanding sexual knowledge
* experiencing more pleasure
* going beyond the status quo
* exploring spiritual sexuality
* being a difference in the world

your personal retreat

* practical guidance to develop relaxation and awareness

* awaken the body at the innermost level

* tap into the flow as you explore the subtle energy realms

* open to more orgasms

* empower the gift of complementary differences

what is the outcome?

the program IS for —

Mukee's training includes —
• Certified Surrogate Partner with IPSA since 1995 (International Professional Surrogates Association based in California, USA)

• Yogic initiation and training  in a traditional Tantric lineage and living a yogic lifestyle in a NZ Yoga Ashram.

• Coaching and programs with thousands of clients since 1994.

* Chuluaqui Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality international facilitator

for singles and couples • enhancing your sexual well-being

Intimate Union

In Person
Skype • phone • on-the-couch
Single • 2 days
Couple • 2 days

INTIMATE UNION RETREATS are exclusive, powerful spiritual-sexual one-on-one experiences for couples or for singles.

Through the power of relaxation and total receptivity — to your Path, your purpose, your unique contribution to humanity — your sex energy can unfold into new ways of being.

You will be able to generate a new level of positive and rejuvenating energy. As you learn and grow this energy naturally  overflows into the community to create a loving and sustainable humanity.

You will always have plenty of personal time between formal sessions. Each retreat experience includes simple practical teachings with a detailed experiential practice.

You will have ample time to do the practices. On completion of each practice we will debrief to integrate your experience.

At the end of your retreat you will be given specific assignments to take home to keep the journey of discovery alive in your daily life — something special to further and ground your experiences. You will go home with access to generating a new healing power within yourself and your intimate sexual relationships.

WHEN & WHERE: There are only a small number of programs offered. Location varies according to your needs.