Quodoushka 1 • March 2017

phoenix, arizona

Q1 • May 25 - 28 for Singles and Couples with Mukee Okan, Amara Charles and Staff. ONLINE REGISTRATION HERE

"I am a certified sex therapist and a certified Sky Dancing Tantra teacher. I am also a licensed clinical social worker and I have a private psychotherapy practice. I highly recommend this program for everyone who wants to grow sexually and spiritually, psychologically and emotionally and in and through relationships. It is an amazingly deep, meaningful, playful and spiritual program for sexual and psychological growth. It has transformed my life. I believe it is a profound way of transforming the world." Diana Owens, LCSW, Certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Are you hungry to learn more?
Ready to learn through pleasure and knowledge?

USA • 2017



for singles and couples

Are you ready to approach sex with more wisdom?

Dispel myths about sexual performance.
Let go of past history.
Increase your magnetic attraction.
Be natural and more confident.
Discover how orgasm is for your health and well-being.
Experience the power of clear agreements.

Q 1 & 2 • march 2018

mullumbimby, near byron bay, australia

Q1 • March 1 -  4
Q2 • March 8 - 11
 for Singles and Couples
with Mukee Okan, Kristin Viken and John Kent

More information and registration online HERE now.

The first level of Quodoushka is all about you. Q1 explores how your sexual energy is the energy of life expressed through you. Spiritual Sexuality shifts your paradigm around sex, sexuality and sexual energy. A transformative series of shamanic teachings, guided exercises and ceremonial experiences.

for singles and couples • enhancing your sexual well-being

Intimate Union

Quodoushka 2 • JULY 2016

phoenix, arizona

Q2 • JULY 6-9 for Singles and Couples with Mukee Okan, Kristin Viken and John Kent. EARLYBIRD specials HERE